Word Cloud of My Blog - May 7, 2016
Word Cloud of My Blog – May 7, 2016

Words. We all say them. We have conversations with words, think with words, read and write words. They are apart of who we are as humans. From English to French to Chinese. All languages are made up of words. We all say them differently, sometimes with an accent, or other times in a completely different language. It takes us time to learn how to use words, when to use words, when not to use words. Words define words. Words define people. Words can be associated to any thing that you can think of. We say them when we are happy, sad, angry. We say words in ways that bring people closer to us or drive them away. But there are times when words fail us. When we want to speak but nothing comes out. They aren’t always reliable. We fear that sometimes a word might change things in a way we would not want.

When it comes to those that we love we are usually very open with our words. We smile and laugh and the words that come out are positive and happy. When we fight the words become sharper, the tone gets pointed, and it pushes those we love away. But when words stop being said then there is a problem, not necessarily with one or the other, but could just be communication is not happening. Words get stuck in your head and can’t make it to your lips. You worry and fear what might come of the words you wish to say to the ones that you love. You want to speak and let out your feelings but when it comes to saying the words they disappear. They run away from your fears. you lose the courage to say these words and all that follows is silence.

For myself, I reach a point where I wish to say something to someone who I care about, but the words just never come. They sit in my head, and grow into something worse. They make me angry, sad, irritated. I wish to say them but I fear how it may sound when they come out. I don’t wish to hurt the ones that I love with my words, even though it I doing more damage keeping them in so long that they cause more damage than I wanted to avoid.

In the end, you have to gather the courage to say those hard words, to get them out and let those you know whenever you feel there might be something wrong, either with yourself, the relationship or anything else. Keeping in those words builds resentment, and will cause the end of a relationship if not spoken as soon as a problem comes up. It is fine to be angry after a fight, and it is fine to not bring up a problem right away, but always remember that you have words to use. When you use your words you always run the risk of relationships falling apart or becoming even stronger. You just have to believe in your words.


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