So I have been away from my blog for a while, with things in SL and RL keeping me busy, it hasn’t left me with much time for writing. However I felt inspired today to address some feelings that I have about the recent troubles in Paris and the rest of the world.

It is a sad day, not only for Paris, but also for the rest of the world. Not sad for the tragedy that happened yesterday, but for the fact that it took a terror attack in a mainly white/christian western country to get people outraged. Social media blazed with tweets, posts, threads, about the events of yesterday, however other troubles in the world are largely ignored.

Syria comes to mind pretty quickly. With all the terrors that have happened there this year, refugees trying to escape to other countries and being turned away due to what I like to assume is xenophobia. These peoples who have witnessed and lived through not a day but weeks, months of terror, are being denied safety. That should be one of the basic human rights. Countries of the world should accept refugees if they have the space.

It’s terrible that it takes a single event in a major city like Paris to get peoples attention, then most of what they do is tweet #PrayForParis. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t help those that lost loved ones, it doesn’t help rebuild any damages, nor will it give assistance for those that are still alive but injured. It does no good to the ones who are truly in terror. The real assistance you can do is pay attention to the places with real terror going on, that is a constant in people’s lives.

This keyboard activism that has been so rampant in the age of social media does nothing to help anyone. The troubles of the world don’t get solved by some guy or gal typing a tweet out. Until people realize that when others are crying out for help and do something real about it, the world will only become more fractured.


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