Eight Years of Me

Taken July 17, 2007

Today is my Eighth year in Second Life, and it has been quite a long roller coaster ride. There have been countless ups, and just as many downs, some loops, a corkscrew, and even an inverted flip or two. That is how I see Second Life. Those that just treat it as a sex platform might not see it that way, but majority that stick around for the rest know what I am talking about. You first get on and strap yourselves in, hoping for the ride of your life. Some people get off and never return, others are sadly lost halfway through the ride and the rest stick around, with no end in sight – until LL decides to pull the plug.

Thinking back over the past eight years I realized that I have been through a lifetime or two of ups and downs. I have been married twice, a few boyfriends, and countless Masters. I have worked at some interesting and some shitty places. But that very first day in Second Life will always stick with me. I was young, looking for something to do after I had moved out to go to college, and came across Second Life. I saw this video (thankfully it still exists on Youtube!) and I wanted to give it a try. I came in to Second Life originally to try my hand at building. So upon logging in I saw before my the original Tutorial Island (yes, that was a thing back then.)

After making my way through the various sections, laid out as stairs going up a castle, it ended with taking a screenshot of yourself, one that I have not shared with another soul until today. Looking back at it I remember how young I was. It was when Bush 2 was still president, the economy hadn’t gone to shit yet and my life as an adult int he world was just beginning. After that first day it was a blur. I owned mainland parcels, tried my hand at having a mall – sadly the Dragon’s Teeth Shopping Mall didn’t take off as I hoped – and met my neighbor, who first got me in to hosting. I worked for her, Miss Maebh Jewel, at Smooth Jazz Club (Yeah, me, jazz, it’s madness!) for a good number of months. I became part of The Gayborhood, met many people there, and sadly drama caused me to give up on my drams on Second Life. I left in February of 2008, unsure if I would ever return.

Over the months while doing my studies, I kept in contact with one of my closest friends I ever had in SL, and eventually in May of 2009 I decided to come back, updated my look a bit and drifted around. I eventually went back to The Gayborhood, and it was there that I met the man who would change my SL forever. My father, Chade Dagger, took me in, took care of me, and helped me to become a much better person. I can say that without him I’d not be the man who I am today. He gave me a job working at Erotes, which ran The Den and Red Lion venues on Hinterland. The Den has been around for years, and I still work there today. I am lucky to have been apart of such an amazing club, and we’ve had so many great people come through our doors.

After I moved in to Hinterland I explored more of what Second Life had to offer. I married my first real partner, though like most SL relationships, it didn’t last. I tried my hand at breeding turtles and Rovees (RIP Petables) . I worked at other clubs, explored, and yes, as some of you know, whored around. I do take after my father after all. I enjoyed the pleasures that Second Life had to offer. I was slave, sub, boy, builder, shop owner (who wants a vintage prim lamp? I got about 1500 to get rid of!) I have seen the rise and fall of many places, some that I fondly will always remember (Primal Forest was one with lots of hot memories.)

Of course there was always negatives to follow the positives. Lying friends, exes accusing me of cheating and just being involved in the most asinine drama. Only that one time in 2008 was it ever bad enough for me to leave. All the rest I had a close network of friends and family to support me, to keep me around.

The most positive experience that emerged from one of those negatives, second to meeting Chade, was finding the perfect guy for me. Met on Australia’s New Years of 2011, still just the 30th for me, Spike came to The Marina (another of Erotes’ past venues) and from there our relationship grew. I was his secret for the longest time, until one day my own actions caused our relationship to be catapulted into a spotlight. It was then we decided to make it official. We have been together ever since. I know that I made the right choice in staying with him when I had a chance to leave. We eventually got married (officially) in December of 2014, which only strengthened our love and commitment to each other.

Looking back today on my eighth rez day, and with some recent drama that I am sure you know of (See previous post), I realize that I have been through so much more than I remember. Through all the bad, the good, and the ugly, I am a better person, both in SL and RL, for being part of this virtual world. Some laugh and think that because it is just “a game” that we can’t have real feelings in a virtual setting. To those people I say nothing, for they are too stubborn and closed-minded. I have made many friends, from all over the world, who have varying tastes and different cultures, and I wouldn’t change that. I look forward to many more years being part of something so special with people who I truly love by my side.

If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing from all my experiences in Second Life, is to just enjoy the good, roll with the bad, and put a bag over the ugly.


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