The Vulcan in Me

The world lost an amazing man today. May he find peace where ever he goes on his journey to the true final frontier. My husband wrote this brilliant article that everyone should take a look at.

Sex and Second Life

VulcanI was confronted today with the very sad news of the great Leonard Nimoy’s passing after a short battle with a terminal lung condition; as if faced with a loving family member’s departure I faced all sorts of conflicting emotions while still at work, denial, shock and taken aback with overwhelming sadness when I finally got home and reality sunk in. I must admit that I was the first surprised by my reaction and how deeply affected I was by the news, as he seemed to be one of those people that would always be around.

As I logged in I proceeded to make my way to my friend’s memorial site for Nimoy where I paid my respects to one of the most influential personalities and TV characters of my childhood, the ever logical and cool Mr Spock. Growing up with Aspergers was not easy, and growing up not knowing…

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