Model: Shawny Galaga

Friends are something that you have in your life. There are always times when you may think that friendships never end, but that isn’t always in your control. You may feel strain and fight and the friendship might end. I have had this happen a few times in my Second Life, and even in my Real Life.

Sometimes you think that your time with a person is over. Friends, lovers, family can all leave your life. In Second Life this is even more true. You may find yourself one day with no friends left due to them leaving, or you might be the one who is leaving those friends. It is just one of the many cycles of life. The reasons for leaving SL or ending a friendship are various, from having a huge blow out to agreeing that things are not working. But, sometimes you can be surprised, and someone who you thought would never be back in your life suddenly pops up again, and becomes part of your life again.

I have had this happen a few times over my time in Second Life. I have had fights with a few friends, and after a time of cooling down, from a few days to over a couple years, we’ve made up and either became friends, or at least talk a bit. Recently I had a friend come back into my life that I had not spoken to in over a year, who I thought was gone from my life forever. But when it comes to some things, forever doesn’t last. We had an interesting first chat, made up, and now have become great friends again.

This also has led me to a wonderful new group of people, who I have had some amazing fun with. That night that my friend and I made up, I thought to not mend anything at all. that would have deprived me of some fun times the past couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t have made new friends. Forever came to an end, and it was worth the few awkward minutes of conversation.

If you write off every person you argue with or fight with, then you may lose out on some fun times with new friends. I am not advocating getting back with exes, but some lost friends are worth reuniting with.


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