I Can’t Hear You

I Can't Hear YouWARNING: Offensive Language Below. Read at your own risk.

When I was growing up, a child of the 90’s (yes, I am that young), I had television shows such as Ren and Stimpy, the Beavis and Butthead and Rocko’s Modern Life. They are three of the many shows that I watched that helped influence the way I see the world. As I grew up, watching newer television shows, and with the birth of the internet, there was a shift in the way people spoke. Sexual innuendos became fewer, race was often ignored more, everything just became more PC, or politically correct. I feel that is has made society today more sensitive to being offended. You see feminists raising a storm when someone calls a woman fat. You have radical Muslims shooting up Charlie Hebdo because of satirical cartoons they published (whether what they did was right or wrong, they should have freedom of speech). You see the media reporting when the WBC pickets funerals. And you have PETA who takes offense to everything.

I have been against all this political correctness for years. I swear, I say what is on my mind, and I really don’t often care how it affects those around me. I don’t always mean what I say maliciously, but some people just gasp and take offense, as if I just stepped on a puppy. That is how it seems when someone famous is in the media for saying something. Of course Paula Dean said “nigger” in the past, she is an older, white woman form the south. Yet she basically got crucified over it, losing her job on the Food Network and offending a lot of people for something she had said a long time ago. A more recent example is on the current Celebrity Big Brother, you have Ken Morley who was ejected from the house for using the word negro. He is a 71 year old man, who grew up in a totally different era of open racism, and he gets punished for using negro. It was not directed at anyone, it was a conversation about something he had said to someone in the past, but still he was kicked out because of it. CBB even has a warning that there is strong language in the show before it comes on, but still someone gets punished for using a word that has lost a lot of it’s offending power.

Now certain words are not right to say in a public setting. I see “faggot” on the same level as “nigger”, “chink”, “spic”. They are highly offensive. I wrote them out here because if I say one, then I say them all. They are words that can still cause riots and make breaking news. If said around the wrong people it could easily get you beat up, or worse. However, there are other words that I will use. I will call a person Black, not African American, for the simple fact that not everyone from Africa is black. I will call someone a homo if they are being overly flamboyant.

I will not censor myself to be more politically correct. I will say what is on my mind when I say it. If someone takes offense to that, then that is their problem.


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