Hello World, I’m Hiro

Creaed by my partner, Spike Clemenceau
Created by my partner, Spike Clemenceau

Hello World. I am Hiroku Kamachi. Most just call me Hiro. I got inspiration to begin my own blog that I want to use to get out my ideas. I will write things, and say things that many might disagree with. I might offend you, and I won’t care. I am not going to pander to your feelings, I will nto coddle you. I will speak my mind, without worry of consequence, because this is my space. If you want to hear lies about how good things are, or have someone agree with you, then make your own blog.

I am a gay white male, so that might make you think that I am biased one way or another. I can tell you that I do not always agree with things that people of my type normally agree with. I don’t follow stereotypes. It might shock you to learn, if you don’t know me already, that I am a t-boy – If you are unaware, that means that I have the genitals of a woman on the body of a man – so already I am not the typical gay male. I am not flamboyant, I am not too outspoken. I like to say that I am unique. You won’t find another person like me. I am friendly, but I can just as easily be a cunt. Oh, and I don’t watch my language. I speak how I speak, using all the words in my vocabulary.

If you have read this far, then I welcome you to my blog. you can expect to hear more from me, so follow if you’d like to. I plan to write up a few things, in the coming week or two, that have been on my mind for a while now. If I say so myself, they are a bit polarizing.

Welcome to my mind.


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